BhabiJikeGhar par nayamehmaan!

BhabiJikeGhar par nayamehmaan!

&TV’s popular sitcom ‘BhabiJiGhar Par Hai’ is going to have a visitor. Who you ask? Before you have your grey cells running, let us reveal the name. The special guest visiting is none other than Bollywood heartthrob Arjun Kapoor.

Arjun Kapoor will be soon seen making an appearance on the hit comedy show to promote his upcoming movie ‘Ki &Ka’. The actor will shoot the episode this weekend.

Speaking about the exciting development on the show, an excited Saumya Tandon says, “The promo of Ki and Ka is very interesting and I am really looking forward to seeing the film. I guess it is about the chemistry of house husband and a wife who runs the house. Anita in Bhabhiji has the same situation. I am very keen to know how Balki the director has dealt with the subject. It’s a fresh idea. Anu and Vibhu and Ki and Ka have a lot in common”.

Looks like Vibhuti and Tiwari are in for some ‘household gyaan’ when Arjun Kapoor visits their homes.

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STAR BHARAT inspires the nation to ‘Bhula de darr’.

Press Release

STAR BHARAT inspires the nation to ‘Bhula de darr’.

Mumbai, August 20, 2017: Star India, announced the launch of STAR BHARAT from the 28th of August 2017, 6 pm onwards. Star Bharat will showcase inspirational stories about journeys of strong and fearless characters that rise for the collective.

Celebrating the many facets of Fearless India, STAR BHARAT unveils a content line up with strong, rooted icons and differentiated programming that is in line with the brand’s philosophy of “Bhula ke darr, kuch alag kar”.

Om Shanti Om: For the first time on Indian television, a channel will celebrate the essence of devotional music with a contemporary twist. A devotional music reality show where tradition meets trendy, creating ‘trenditional’ music. The show will depict the musical journey of 14 voices that will give a contemporary touch to devotional songs and unify audiences across the country with their renditions. Produced by Colosceum, the show will mark the debut of Swami Baba Ramdev on television as the Maha Judge. While the esteemed panel of judges will include Bollywood sensation Sonakshi Sinha, singer and music director Shekhar Ravjiani, and singer Kanika Kapoor.

Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal? –1 Saas. 1 Son. 5 Brides. Boon or bane? Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal? is a comedy of errors where a mother’s quest for the perfect bride lands her with five. See how a desperate mother’s prayer for the ‘perfect’ bride with 5 essential qualities gets answered in the form of 5 women with 5 different qualities. What follows is a series of funny events. Sometimes getting more than what you ask for can be a curse! Created in association with Optimystix, ‘Kya Haal Mr. Panchal?’ is a rib-tickling comedy starring Kanchan Gupta as the saas and Manindar Singh as the son.

Nimki Mukhiya- Set in Bihar this is a story of a village that has been ruled by men for years. Women here are confined mostly to being home makers. But a wind of change is about to set in. Call it opportunity or sheer luck, for the first time ever the state will witness something extraordinary. A naïve and bubbly young girl, Nimki, who loves to day dream and is unaware of the world outside her house, is about to take on the responsibility of her village and become the Mukhiya. The show is a journey of self realization that power to change oneself as well as the environment we live lies within. Nimki’s unexpected position as the Mukhiya gives a comical twist to situations.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed- Saam Daam Dand Bhed is the personal journey of Vijay Namdhari, played by Bhanu Uday, a high-potential but misguided youth who doesn’t know what he wants from life. This family drama, based in a fictitious town in India, is produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms. When a storm shatters his life, Vijay finally finds the courage to fight back and protect his family. The show will trace his transformation from a carefree youngster into a political leader, who becomes the inspiration to many.

Ayushman Bhav- Set against the backdrop of Mathura, Ayushman Bhav is a gripping story of Krish. The show depicts the poignant tale of an eight-year-old boy whose childhood is not as simple as others’. Like other children his age, Krish plays with toys and games but he also harbors a burning desire to seek justice for the wrong doings in his past life. Produced by White Horse International, the revenge drama stars popular child artist Ricky Patel as the lead and Avinash Sachdeva, Megha Gupta, and Manish Goel as cast members.

Star Bharat’s launch campaign ‘Mat kar’ is based on a simple yet powerful insight on how we unknowingly allow different kinds of fears to creep into our minds and how these fears end up in stopping us from pursuing our dreams.

‘Mat kar’, an oft repeated phrase in Indian society refers to a pull-back factor. Pulling back from free flowing fun, nurturing a dream, making a life choice or simply following one’s instincts. The film, conceptualized by Star India’s creative team and directed by Shimit Amin of Chak De fame, takes us through various scenarios, some significant and some apparently not so, all of which play on fear. Star Bharat’s answer to “Mat kar” leading to fear is a resounding ‘Bhula de darr’…

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ALTBalaji brings you India’s biggest cover up, Bose -Dead/Alive

ALTBalaji brings you India’s biggest cover up, Bose -Dead/Alive

ALTBalaji unravels India’s best kept secret, the conspiracy behind Subhash Chandra Bose on 18th Aug

TRAILER OUT on 18th August only on ALTBalaji #ALTBalajiOriginal
Friday, 15th August: ALTBalaji has done it again by bringing together lethal combination of Hansal Mehta- Rajkummar Rao for their next show “Bose- Dead/Alive.” The two have always resulted in making award winning as well as path breaking movies such as Shahid, Citylights and Aligarh to name a few. The power duo is back together with their next project with Ekta Kapoor, albeit in a completely different platform, one that is digital in nature, for India’s largest online video platform for original shows- ALTBalaji. Apart from taking the web world by storm, it is the subject that is bringing them together which is sure to be a talking point as the show is an unraveling of one of the greatest heroes of our country, Subhash Chandra Bose and India’s biggest coverup so far!

Ekta Kapoor affirms that, “Subhash Chandra Bose was one of the greatest freedom fighters of our country. His story is exciting, extra ordinary and one that deserves to be told with great pride. It may also be India’s biggest cover ups till date. His sudden disappearance still remains a mystery. After doing immense research into the life of Subhash Chandra Bose, we realized that this story needs to be showcased. Therefore, it was befitting for the same to be a part of ALTBalaji’s mobile platform. There is no better combination suited for this series other than Hansal Mehta and Rajkummar Rao. The two bring out the best in each other and this de classified re telling of theBose tale is sure to exemplify the same.”

Speaking on the same, national award winning creator of the show, Hansal Mehta says that, “The show is not another boring biography. It is the unveiling of India’s biggest cover ups. It is a fast paced, gripping tale on a man whose trajectory is one of the most fascinating stories ever. The web series is structured like a thriller, so while one will learn about his life, it will also leave you on the edge of the seat. Our intention is to portray Bose as a contemporary hero, a rebel who worked in different ways, thereby making him relevant and a part of today’s youth, and the best medium to do so was via ALTBalaji.”

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Nuvoco’s Jojobera Cement Plant organizes PF awareness programme

Press Release

Nuvoco’s Jojobera Cement Plant organizes PF awareness programme

August 2017: Nuvoco’s Jojobera Cement Plant (JCP) organized an awareness programme on Provident Fund (PF) contribution for employees at JCP conference room. Safi Ahmad, Assistant PF Commissioner and Rajib Chatterjee Senior Officer (PF) explained about the importance and benefit of PF contribution.

While addressing the gathering Mr Ahmad said that any claim will be settled within three days subject to proper documentation. To ensure speedy clearance everyone should link their PF with Aadhar card, Pan Card and bank account. He also informed about the various employee benefits that are available to employees like widow and child pension, advance for marriage, education and medical emergency. Additionally employees can withdraw money for purchase of house. Talking about the initiative Manoj Agarwal, Senior Vice President JCP is of the opinion that these kind of awareness programmes are very beneficial to the employees as they get to know about the various benefits that are available to them at the same time can clear their doubts from the concerned authorities directly. The programme was a huge success as large number of officers and contract employees turned up for the event.

Photo Caption: (R to L) Safi Ahmad Assistant PF Commissioner; Rajib Chatterjee Senior Officer (PF); along with the employees.

About Nuvoco

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. (formerly Lafarge India Limited), is a leading manufacturer and retailer of construction materials with a vision to build a safer, smarter and more sustainable world. Nuvoco started operations in India in 1999 and has since emerged as one of the major players in India; a reputation that is built on the foundations of Quality, Innovation and Trust. Today it has an installed capacity of around 10.92 MTPA with six cement plants in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and West Bengal; and a pan-India presence in the ready-mix concrete (RMX) business with close to 70 plants across the country. Our operational focus is currently across two business divisions; in Cement we are amongst one of the leading players in Eastern, Central and North India; with high performance blended cement variants. Our premium product portfolio includes The Original Jojobera PSC, Concreto, Duraguard, Duraguard Microfiber, and Infracem. We have also forayed into value added products like construction chemicals, wall fill solutions and cover blocks. Our Ready-Mix Concrete is trusted alike by large developers, small contractors, builders, architects, government agencies, and individual house builders. The premium product range comprises Mega™ Series, Mega™ LWC, InstaMix, Artevia™, Agilia™. Guided by the enduring principles of safety for its employees and social responsibility for the community, the company is charting new roads in providing solutions to meet the country’s infrastructure needs. []

Tenali Rama is trapped between the two wives of King Krishnadevraya

Tenali Rama is trapped between the two wives of King Krishnadevraya

Pandit Rama Krishna a.k.a Tenali Rama has gained a lot of popularity because of his wit and humor. With each episode Tenali Rama gives out solution to the toughest problems in a quirky way. But this time Tenali Rama is stuck in between the two queens and he has to choose one queen who would get the exquisite Mangtikka sent by Queen of Sundergarh.

In the Darbaar of Vijaynagar, King Krishnadevraya (Manav Gohil) receives a very precious a very exquisite Sindoor pat (Maang tikka) as a gift from Sundergarh Kingdom. The Queen of Sundergarh wanted King Krishnadevraya off her kingdom and as a symbol of peace she sent a Maang tikka. Though the king accepts the offer, he is now in a dilemma as he has two wives and he can’t upset one wife by giving the Maangtikka to the other wife. Krishnadevraya who wants to be fair in his decision asks Rama to make the decision and choose who should get the Sindoor pat.

Will Rama be able to make a fair decision or will he upset one of the Queens?

Krishna Bharadwaj who plays the role of Tenali Rama said, “Being a courtesan in the Darbar, Rama makes sure that he keeps everyone happy. But this time Rama have to please both the Queens. It’s a tough decision for him but it will lead to interesting and hilarious situation.”

To know how Rama will deal with this situation, Tune into Tenali Rama, Monday to Friday, 8pm only on Sony SAB!!

Revealed- The First Look of ALTBalaji’s Bose-Dead/Alive starring Rajkummar Rao in and as Subhash Chandra Bose!

Revealed- The First Look of ALTBalaji’s Bose-Dead/Alive starring Rajkummar Rao in and as Subhash Chandra Bose!

The combination of Hansal Mehta and Rajkummar Rao has always been a deadly one, what with the duo coming out with much acclaimed movies like Shahid, Citylights and Aligarh to name a few. The duo comes together once again but on a completely different platform, one that is digital in nature and has created a storm ever since it was launched in April 2017, Ekta Kapoor’s brainchild ALTBalaji.

Titled “Bose-Dead/Alive”, the show is an unraveling of India’s biggest cover up, based on the life of Subhash Chandra Bose. Rajkummar, an actor known for his sheer dedication and talent has given his blood, sweat and tears and the transformation is visible in this exclusive first look image.

The trailer of ALTBalaji’s Bose-Dead/Alive will be launched on 18th August, 2017. Directed by Pulkit, the show has been created by Hansal Mehta

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The Life Changing Mango Milkshake for Arjun Rampal!

Much ado has been made about the Arjun Rampal starrer DADDY based on the life of Arun Gawli. From the look of the movie, to the sets that enables one to revisit Mumbai as Bombay to the uncanny similarity between Arjun Rampal and Arun Gawli, Daddy is slated to be one of the most awaited films of 2017. But, what is yet to be known is how the two men, one who is a gangster politician and the other who is an actor, broke the ice and bonded, so much so that Rampal gained the trust of Gawli to give him the rights of the story that is bound to create history.

It happened on a fateful day when Gawli was to sign the contract but he only had two humble conditions before doing so, the first one was that the two men should milk a cow before signing as his last name aptly suggests “Gaw”li is from the family of milkmen and it was considered auspicious to milk a cow before starting anything new. The second and more difficult condition was that Arjun must have a glass of Mango Milkshake. While the latter seems easy, it was surely the most difficult thing for Rampal as he detests Mangoes and has never had them! The trust between the two men and the fact that Arjun readily gulped the mango milkshake offered to him and also milked a cow with him, was more than enough for Gawli to green light Rampal’s project. Gawli only said a few words at the time and those were, “Tum Pe Bharosa Hain/I trust you.” And that is how DADDY the movie, came into existence!

Wave Cinemas Ponty Chadha in association with Raju Chadha, Karta Entertainment and Kundalini Entertainment present Daddy, releasing on 8th of September 2017.

Arjun Rampal, Aishwarya Rajesh and Sajid Ali seek the blessings of Lord Krishna as they launch the Ganpati song from their film DADDY

Arjun Rampal, Aishwarya Rajesh and Sajid Ali seek the blessings of Lord Krishna as they launch the Ganpati song from their film DADDY

Seeking the blessings of Lord Krishna on the holy day of Dahi Handi, Arjun Rampal launched the Ganpati song from his film Daddy. Arun Gawli was one of the people and for the people, so what better way than to launch the song amongst the crowd, amongst everyone?
Titled Aala Re Aala Ganesha, the song has been composed by ace music maestros Sajid-Wajid and is picturised on Arjun and Aishwarya ringing in the Ganpati festivities as Arun and Asha Gawli.
What a unique way of launching the song and seeking blessings of Krishna and Ganpati at the same time!