ACC Jamul & Sindri successfully completes major Tree Transplantation venture

ACC Jamul & Sindri successfully completes major Tree Transplantation venture

Jamul Integrated Projects, December 2015: ACC Limited has taken another significant step in environment conservation by successfully relocating more than 30 Pipal trees from the company’s Jamul Cement Works campus and 10 Pipal trees from Sindri Cement Works Campus and transplanting them in an alternate, fertile location.


site after plantation

Tree transplantation is a specialized task ridden with numerous challenges involving handling, logistics and arboriculture techniques. This complex activity requires the tree to withstand a long and strenuous procedure. Dormant Pipal trees were selected within the vicinity of ACC Jamul & Sindri Plant. Methodically, the tree roots were softened before they were uprooted. The root balls were then carefully wrapped and transported to the new plantation location. The task commenced after receipt of necessary approvals from concerned authorities. An expert arborist was retained to advise and oversee the procedure.

At the new site, workers took appropriate measures to dig holes for the transplanted trees, which were not too deep so as to allow the root balls to be ventilated. The tree branches and root balls were also trimmed and disinfected to protect them from soil impurities and to encourage their healthy plantation. About 40 trees were saved and they still stand strong and beautiful near the mines area of Jamul and Sndri. A thought can surely transform the world into a better place to live.

ACC Limited has a successful track record of promoting tree plantation and green belt development in and around its cement plants and mines. Tree plantation is a regular and committed activity at ACC. Each One, Plant One is a message that inspires our employees. The company’s afforestation programmes in used mines have helped transform the barren and dry ambience into lush greenery.


trimmed tree

Mr Sunil Gupta, Cluster Head, Projects stated that “The new phase of construction at Jamul & Sindri Cement Works involved considerable site development in an area filled with many large trees. Instead of cutting them down to clear the area, we deliberately chose the environment-friendly option to conserve as many trees as possible by relocating them to an alternate fertile location.”


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