Whats your Resolution?

Whats your Resolution?

Aashka Goradia as Mahvinashi Pari in SAB TV’s Baal Veer

My new year’s resolution for the coming year is to be peaceful within! Thriving adventures and loving more people.

Aashka Goradia as  Mahavinashi Pari in SAB TV's Baal Veer1.jpg


Shafaq Naaz as Mayuri in SAB TV’s ChidiyaGhar

I am not a resolution person actually; I feel you should do whatever you want to do. So a year or month resolution does not matter to me but, I feel  if you ask me this I’ll say, I had intended to explore the world this year but, was very busy in 2015. But yes, I worked a lot and hoping to travel a lot and explore the world in the coming year.


Mugdha Chapekar as Anisha in SAB TV’s Sahib, Biwiaur Boss

My New Year resolution is to destress myself. Sometimes I get affected by things around me and get worked up even though they are not related to me. This year I want to be on a mental vacation, laugh more. I am sure my new show has been a wonderful beginning for the same. Also the coming year will bring in loads of joy. I look at 2016 as a very Happy Year!!!

 Mugdha Chapekar

Aditi Sajwan as Koyal in SAB TV’s ChidiyaGhar

My New Year resolution is to be in a happy state of mind always. Happiness is not granted or given to us always. Sometimes we have to assume happy and win full situations, and this way we unknowingly tend to invite these good and positive outcomes in our lives.  We just need to have a strong positive outlook; a rock-solid diehard spirit and the rest can be left to our karma and cosmic developments. I am usually a happy go lucky person, but now I will remember to push away all negatives and bad thoughts from my mind and will try to become an even better and bigger person.

Resham Tipnis as Mandodari in SAB TVs Sahib Biwiaur Boss

Happy New Year to all the lovely people and audience! God bless and keep watching Sahib, Biwi Aur Boss.


Tarun Khanna as Shamsher Singh in SAB TV’s Police Factory

My New Year resolution is to improve my acting ability and for that I am doing many exercises to enhance my reflexes and speech. I hope God blesses me with this.

 Tarun Khanna - 1

BaktiyaarIrani as Ronnie in SAB TV’s Badi door se aayehain

I don’t believe in keeping any resolutions and I feel it is better not to keep any. All I believe is to be good within always. New Year wishes to all my fans and their family I wish you good health and stay blessed!

 Bakhtiyaar Irani

Romit Raj as Karan in SAB TV’s Chalti ka Naam Gaadi

My New Year resolution is to stay fearless. I will want to not fear of anything .I will want to work on my personality

 Romit Raj on the car


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