Chidiya Ghar enters 2050 instead of 2016!

Chidiya Ghar enters 2050 instead of 2016!

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Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) notices Ghotak (Paresh Ganatra) wasting food and he tries to speak some sense into him. Babuji tells him that this act of his will affect his and their following generation. Ghotak thinks that it is not only his responsibility alone but everyone should take ownership about the same. Babuji doesn’t like Ghotak’s attitude and decides to teach the whole mohalla a lesson on ‘Jane wale saal se seekhte chaloge toh hee aane wale salon mein phoolo phaloge’.


While Babuji is teaching the mohalla, Ghotak goes into the future in his imagination where he imagines himself dead and sees everybody else in the future. Ghotak sees the kids blaming him & his generation for not using the resources sparingly because of which they are facing problems in their day to day lives. He see the difficulties the new generation faces even to use oxygen, by using it by putting the meter to measure the usage and how the officers disconnect the meter after excess use of it. When Ghotak comes back from his imagination, he is in a shock and understands his mistake and realizes what Babuji was trying to explain about wastage of food, water, etc.


Paresh Ganatra who plays Ghotak in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar said, “The upcoming track of Chidiya Ghar is a very interesting one. Babuji worried about how we are wasting thing and are not grateful for the things we have. He makes Ghotak realize his mistake and Ghotak decides to reform himself. The storyline will see the members of Chidiya Ghar in fast forward and the viewers will enjoy the track.”

Tune in to Chidiya Ghar every Monday to Friday 9 pm only on SAB TV!


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