PR 24×7 Network Limited, India and Big Bang & Whisper Berlin Germany announce Strategic Alliance





Mumbai, India – PR 24×7 Network Limited, India a leading Public relations and consulting company has formed a strategic alliance with Big Bang & Whisper Berlin, Germany. 


Founded in 2006, and head quartered at Indore in Madhya Pradesh India, PR 24×7 Network Limited has registered tremendous growth in business since inception. PR 24×7 is one of the leading players in providing PR services across sectors and regions. PR 24×7 has 36 offices across India, including one at the financial capital Mumbai.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Atul Malikram, Director of PR 24×7 Network Limited India said, ‘we at PR 24×7 believe that the only way forward is to connect, collaborate and build lasting relationships. We understand that Germany is one of the world’s most important markets and this alliance will help both of us understand and appreciate that we are different and need to work to each other’s strength to build and learn from each other’s , commercial connections, market insights & sector experiences.

The alliance between PR 24×7 Network Limited, India and Big Bang & Whisper, Berlin aims to equip the clients of both agencies with the tools, education and strategy they need to allow them to take full advantage of the extensive growth of bilateral business between the two nations.

Sebastian Hesse,  founder and owner of Big Bang & Whisper, has been working in public relations and marketing communications for more than 14 years and has a sound understanding of the changes and developments of media consumption and media landscapes in Germany. The new strategic alliance with PR 24×7 Network Limited, India is in recognition of the need to align two agencies in order to better integrate a client’s traditional and digital outreach in each other’s markets.


“Big Bang & Whisper’s partnership with PR 24×7 Network Limited, India moves both agencies more firmly into the international landscape of communications. PR 24×7 Network Limited, India brings with it a thorough understanding of public relations in their home base”, says Sebastian Hesse, founder and owner of Big Bang & Whisper.


Working on empowering our clients to reach out and connect beyond geographical boundaries,      PR 24×7 Network Limited, India has taken the initiative to connect with a region that is very strong in their digital outreach.


In order to get a first impression and better understanding of the German market, Big Bang & Whisper is providing a free eBook to be downloaded at


For more details, please connect with:





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