In collaboration with Union Bank of India, SAFE INDIA ROAD FOUNDATION (SIRF) is organizing a kind of Film Festival, India Social Responsibility Film Festival at Indore on 6th & 7th February 2016.

Today’s media is being used as a tool by Corporate as well as individuals for building sustainable development of the society at large. However, in a scenario where the media is generally entertainment driven, positive attempts by Individuals and Corporate hidden from the public. Because of this, players in the public broadcasting space seem to have diminished and positive role of media, its various issues and solutions are not discussed at all on the public platform.

Considering the fact, in collaboration with the Union Bank of India, SAFE INDIA ROAD FOUNDATION (SIRF) has taken up the significant task of organizing the first kind of Film Festival, ‘India Social Responsibility Film Festival’ at Indore on 6th & 7th February 2016.

By the Festival It’s an attempt to introduce those films to the public which are based on social relevant issues and best films will be awarded, so that the new generation of film makers get inspired. Because of its India’s first ‘India Social Responsibility Film Festival’ those all Films are being welcomed which have been created by Individuals or Corporate entities in last three years.

SAFE INDIA ROAD FOUNDATION (SIRF) is a non-profit organization operating in the area of Road Safety. SIRF is started by International Road safety award winners Mr. Ashutosh Deshmukh and Mr. Sanjay Joshi, as Road safety is very close to their hearts. It’s a field where a lot of needs to be done and SIRF is gradually but Continuous moving towards its goal. Mr. Ashutosh Deshmukh and Mr. Sanjay Joshi are media Professionals actively involved in Films and Television Production.

While felicitating and acknowledging the commendable work in film making for social relevant issues SIRF also wishes to confirm that communication, combined with education, science and culture, is the only approach to achieve positive results in the society using film as a media tool. SIRF aims at encouraging discussions on various media related issues and hold workshops on media for students and common man/Layman.

This Film Festival is an attempt of creating an awareness campaign among youngsters enrolled in academic institutions. Inviting them to realize their short film dreams that can be broadcast on the social media platforms.

‘India Social Responsibility Film Festival’ has the most diverse selection of films and a focus on Social Issues and Advocacy as part of the Programming and Goals. Awards would be given to the best films under eight categories –Education, Water Conservation, Road Safety, Health & Clean Environment, Renewable Energy, Women Empowerment, Livelihood and films on Social Media Awareness Campaign.

First day would be dedicated to Road Safety and the next day for Public Broadcasting with a panel discussion on both topics and a series of workshops on CSR and Documentary Film Making. We are expecting 75-100 Corporate Houses who involved in CSR activities. With the cooperation of Rotary Club Indore Central, Film Artists Mr. Sanjay Mishra and Sourabh Shukla.

On the both days of Festival, 5 events per day on various topics of CSR will be organized. Festival Jury comprised of leading Film Artistes, National Award Winning Film Technicians and Critics.

Entries will be judged by a panel of experts, including academicians, artists, industry leaders etc. Panel will evaluate entries based on presentation of idea, quality of content, creativity, and its overall impact. A Special Award would be given to the best film from among the films submitted by the Students of Indore.

On this occasion, we will also intend to publish a catalogue that would cover a brief about the participating films, Film Makers and various CSR efforts in India by leading experts.

The last date for submission of films for this Festival is 15th January 2016. The submissions can be done at

For further information, please contact:

Ritu 9827092823


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