One on One with Yuvika Chaudhary

The pretty actress Yuvika Chaudhary who was recently seen in a reality show talks about her stint with Darr Sabko Lagta Hai and shares what scares her in real life!


Yuvika Choudhary in &TV's Darr Sabko Lagta Hai

How was 2015 and what do you expect in 2016?

2015 was actually just rocking. I did a lot of things and ended the year with Bigg Boss. It was a big decision for me to enter the house.

2016 has also started on an interesting note and I expect to do a variety of work and experiment.

Also I have never taken a pleasure holiday and this year I plan to do that – travel for myself and not for work.


After Bigg Boss, why did you pick a Horror series like Darr Sabko Lagta Hai?

Like I told you, I am in an experimental mode as far as my work is concerned.

I have never done horror before so I wanted to take an experience and see how the whole horror thing is shot.

So, yes, I took it up just for the experience.


Tell us about your role in the episode and how different is it from the real life Yuvika?

It is completely different. I play a mother in the show and I am not a mother in real life so I need to connect on that level. It is all performance oriented.

It wasn’t easy because I had to cry and I was grieving the loss of someone and had to express that. It was emotionally very difficult for me to feel and translate that on the screen.

On the first day or our 4 day shoot the director said that I needed to save all my energy because I would need it.

And he was right, I used to be exhausted at the end of the day – I had to cry and shout so much.


How was shooting with Diwakar?

It was great shooting with him. We are both from the same city – Meerut and we spoke about our city.


Do you believe in Supernatural?

I don’t know, really. I am sitting on the fence regarding this one. I personally don’t believe in the supernatural because I have never experienced it but I have heard so many people talk about experiencing it that I think maybe there is something.


Any eerie incidents on the set which can be related to real life?

We had to do a pooja scene in the episode with nimbu and sindoor and I have never seen such a thing in real life. And it was very scary for me to do all that – even if just act to call the spirit. That was the eerie experience just to know what all people do.


What gives goose bumps?

Just the thought that people practice black magic in real life.


Your recommendation to ward off evils or overcome fear?

Just be a happy soul and lead a simple life. If you don’t get into all these dark and negative things then nothing will come close to you. And the better human being you are the more positive you attract.

Stay positive, calm and be peaceful. It is possible to do that if you really try.


A horror movie you would like to star in and with whom?

I usually don’t watch horror movies but there are a couple of Hollywood films that I saw and The Conjuring was my favourite one and I would really have liked to play Vera Farmiga’s role in that.


What kind of projects or genre do you prefer?

Horror was a good change for me and I really enjoyed doing it. So I think if I get more horror projects that will be good I will take them up. I have been offered horror films but I have never been interested in doing them but now I will figure out which is a good project and do it.


Apart from acting what else would you like to explore in life?

I want to travel the world. I want to explore different people and cultures. I think when you explore different destinations you also explore a part of your personality. I have only been working so far and when I don’t have projects I am only having meetings and get stuck in my own world. So now that I have different kinds of work I want to roam around the world.


Upcoming projects.

As of now I have two films, which will both start by March because till the Bigg Boss finale I have commitment to that show. After that I will get busy with BCL and films.



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