Football Premier League on SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar  


Football Premier League on SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar

SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar is all set to entertain it’s viewers with a Football Match in their upcoming track.  The track will shoot for a football match between the members of  Chidiya Ghar and the   members of Mohalla.

Chidiya Ghar football match team pic-1

The football match is declared between the two teams to see who has the ability to overpower the other team.  But, that’s not it! The viewers will see an extra added flavour with the return of Gadha Prasad who has been absconding for quite some time in the show.  With Gadha coming back in action in the show, the members of the Chidiya Ghar family get over energetic and will be seen giving the competing team, a tough fight.


Aditi Sajwan who plays role of Koyal in Chidiya Ghar says, “This was the first ever time that we literally had the opportunity to play football on the sets of our show. It was not just a track that we were shooting for, but it was an actual football match that we played against each other. We had a gala time shooting the track. It was completely a new experience for all of us on the set.”



Who will win the match?



Tune in to Chidiya Ghar to find out more from Monday to Friday at 9pm only on SAB TV.


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