~ Gangaa airs every Mon-Fri at 8:30 pm only on &TV ~





Gangaa airs every Mon-Fri at 8:30 pm only on &TV ~


Mumbai, March , 2016: After confessing his love for Gangaa in &TV’s popular drama ‘Gangaa’, Sagar is all set to take an important step as he decides to marry her.


In the upcoming episodes, Sagar will be seen bringing back colours into the life of Gangaa and helping her forget her past. While the family is busy planning Sagar’s wedding, Sagar will confess his love for Gangaa in front of the entire family and express his desire to get married to her. But considering that Gangaa is a widow, will the family accept this relationship? Will Sagar be able to honor his commitment and give a respectful place to Gangaa in his life? Amidst the stringent societal norms, how will Gangaa accept and deal with this change in her life?


Speaking about the upcoming track, Aditi Sharma says, “This is a crucial phase in Gangaa’s life as she will now embrace her life’s journey with Sagar as a companion. It’s interesting how this change in Gangaa is depicted through Holi. I am really excited to see audience reaction to the same. I am hoping for the audience love and support to continue as this only motivates us to do better.” Adds Vishal Vashishtha, “I completely relate to Sagar as a character and I have thoroughly enjoyed shooting for this new turning point in the life of Gangaa. It’s such a beautiful story as finally Sagar has expressed his love for Gangaa. I hope the viewers like this new journey that we have begun.”

Don’t forget to tune into Gangaa every Monday  Friday, 8:30pm only on &TV




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