Predict your PNR status in just a few clicks with Trainman

Predict your PNR status in just a few clicks with Trainman

-The most reliable service for all IRCTC users

Lucknow, March, 2016: Booking a railway ticket can be a traumatic experience, even more when your ticket is on wait-list and there is no surety of its confirmation!Trainman,a one-stop platform for all train related queries, has been launched specifically to enable users to predict PNR status and avail all train related information pertaining to the Indian Railway System through a user friendly interface. Founded by Mohammad Amir and later joined by Vineet Chirania and Karan Kumar, the trio from IIT Roorkee; Trainman started with the service of advising on travel-related decisions by presenting the percentage odds of a wait-listed ticket getting confirmed, analyzing the Indian Railway’s data using unique algorithms and comparing it against a database of historical IRCTC waiting lists.

“The railways system is very complex and many people face difficulty in finding information. People are confused whether to rely on wait-listed tickets to get confirmed or explore other options. We have found that many a times tickets with high wait- list gets confirmed but is often difficult for an average user to predict such possibilities. With Trainman, we aim at solving such queries for every Indian Railways user, giving them an interface that answers all train queries to further help them make informed decisions”, says Vineet Chirania, CEO of Trainman.

Trainman has been tested with over 10 million PNR numbers, and claims an average accuracy of around 90 percent. A user friendly interface, Trainman does not require any sign up. A user needs to fill in the details of train and get the results. In addition to the list of trains available on your route, you also get to check your confirmation chances, and recent trends. The ‘confirmation chances’ tell you how likely it is to get a ticket. Anything above 65% is predicted to hold a good chance. To make it even more useful for the users, Trainman uses 3 color coding- green is likely to get confirmed, yellow– border line case so difficult to predict whereas you might want to cancel the present option and look for alternative if the percentile is in red-not likely to get confirmed.

Available across Android, iOS and Windows, the app/websitehelps a train traveler in making accurate choices instantly, further saving time and money. Trainman has also launched integration with Cleartrip for train booking and tied up with TravelKhana for food ordering.


For further details, download trainman android app or visit:




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