Murder attempt on Santoshi; Gangaa comes to the rescue



~ Huge drama unfolds on &TV’s Mahasangam episode ~









~ SantoshiMaa airs every Mon – Fri at 9pm only on &TV ~


Mumbai, April 2016:&TV’s socio-mythology drama ‘SantoshiMaa’ has been generating stupendous audience reviews since the time it was launched in November last year. The show marks the return of popular Bollywood and TV actress Gracy Singh as SantoshiMaa and the very talented Ratan Rajput as her devotee. In the upcoming track the audience will witness Santoshi’s belief for SantoshiMaa is challenged by none other than her husband, Dhairya. And also an unplanned trip to Banaras will see Gangaa come to the rescue of Santoshi.


Dhairya tells her that he wants to see the power of God and challenges her not to light the lamp but instead the lamp should light by itself. On the other hand in the Devlok, SantoshiMaa’s illusion is finally broken which was created by Bhajramusti and now she can actually see what is happening in Santoshi’s life. Now the question arises, will Santoshi’s devotion fulfill Dhairya’s challenge?


Speaking about the upcoming track, Ratan Rajput says, “Santoshi’s life has undergone a change as she is now Dhairya’s wife. With that comes added responsibility as she not only has to win Dhairya’s trust but also has to prove to everyone about her belief in SantoshiMaa.”


Meanwhile, on the other hand Madhu will tell KrantiMaa about Santoshi’s increased influence in the house. KrantiMaa and Madhu plan to send Santoshi to Banaras on the pretext of some work where Santoshi will be removed from their way. Santoshi arrives in Banaras and eventually gets into trouble but Gangaa from &TV’s popular drama of the same name comes to her rescue. Santoshi too helps Gangaa to rise through her tumultuous journey of life and provides inspiration. There is a constant threat on Santoshi’s life and as Gangaa also tags along, she is also in danger. The nail biting drama is surely going to keep the audience at the edge of their seats.


On the other hand, on &TV’s popular drama Gangaa, Sagar has taken an important step and decided to marry Gangaa. The audience stood witness to how Sagar brought back colours into the life of Gangaa and helped her in forgetting her past. But considering that Gangaa is a widow, will the family accept this relationship? Will Sagar be able to honor his commitment and give a respectful place to Gangaa in his life? Also, with Jhanvi coming back into the life of Sagar how will he be able to face these new challenges? And how will Gangaa accept and deal with this change in her life?


Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, SantoshiMaa is the story of Santoshi, a loving girl with a heart of gold who has been a worshipper of the Goddess since childhood. Much like the Goddess of Santosh or contentment, Santoshi has no malice or greed in her heart and believes in respecting every individual. The show charts her journey and how her unfaltering faith in the Goddess bails her out of the most difficult situations. But, this raises questions from her fellow goddess who advise her to not help her devotees until they pray for her help. This puts Santoshimaa in a dilemma where she has to watch her devotees face challenges and fight their way out of it without her help.


Tune into this divine intervention and watch SantoshiMaa, every Mon-Fri at 9pm only on &TV




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