Paune Teen Chachi pays the Ghotala’s a friendly visit!

Paune Teen Chachi pays the Ghotala’s a friendly visit!

The Ghotalas have a new guest visiting them from their planet. Hemant (Punit Talreja) invites Paune Teen Chachi (Manjushree Kulkarni) to Earth to help them make ‘Maa ki daal’ for their Punjabi themed party. Chachi who is as naïve as the Ghotalas takes things in the literal sense and is a very flamboyant character.

Paune Teen Chachi has her own unique characteristic and mannerism which amuses everyone at Sunshine colony. Chachi who is not aware of the local human language takes everything that is said in the literal sense and when Bhawna Aunty (Purvi Vyas) asks her to eat on the table she sits on top of the table and eats. Chachi’s antics create havoc in the colony and Ghotalas lives. On the other hand Chachi has started enjoying life on earth and has decided to settle here for good.

How will Vasant (Sumeet Raghavan) manage to convince Chachi to go back to her planet? Will Paune Teen Chachi settle in Sunshine Colony along with the Ghotala’s?

Punit Talreja who plays Hemant Ghotala said, “This time the Ghotala’s are faced with a unique situation this time. Paune Teen Chachi has decides to pay them a visit on Hemant’s invitation and is creating some trouble in Sunshine Colony because of her weird behaviour. The twist here is when the Ghotala’s get to know that Chachi is planning to stay back on Earth and they have to somehow convince her to go back.”

Watch Paune Teen Chachi create some havoc in Sunshine Colony only on Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hai every Monday to Friday9:30 pm exclusively on SAB TV!


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