Ashish Sharma to mentor Siya Ke Ram’s Hanuman

Ashish Sharma to mentor Siya Ke Ram’s Hanuman!


The world knows that for Hanuman, Ram was his idol and guru in the truest sense of the world. Hanuman was Ram’s loyalist and right hand during his war against Lanka Naresh Raavan. But not many know that Ashish Sharma who is currently playing the role of Ram in Siya Ke Ram has grown up playing Hanuman’s role in his community Ram Leela’s back in Jaipur.


With the show now heading towards Sita and Ram’s vanwaas, Siya Ke Ram will soon witness the entry of Ram’s biggest bhakt, Hanuman. Quite surprisingly, we hear that Ashish Sharma will be personally looking into mentoring Danish Akhtar, the artist playing Hanuman to help him into the skin of the character.


Says Ashish, “I personally am a bhakt of Bajrangbali and have played the role of Hanuman about 7-8 timesdue to which I very well identify with him. He was Ram’s biggest bhakt who never let anything happen to him and Sita both. As for Danish, he has made a drastic career change; that from being a wrestler to an actor, so I told Nikhil Sinha that I will personally help Danish prepare to be like Hanuman by explaining to him the intricacies of the character.”


Well, looks like the reel guru-shishya relationship has rubbed off to it becoming a real guru-shishya relationship as well.


Watch Ashish Sharma as Ram and Danish Akhtar as Hanuman in Siya Ke Ram from Monday to Sunday at 8 PM only on STAR Plus



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