The much awaited character of Hanuman on STAR Plus’ show Siya Ke Ram is finally going to hit the small screen. This character is being played by wrestler, Danish Akhtar Saifi who requested the production team to make his ‘gada’ 6 kgs heavy.

Danish is well known for his fitness and wrestling skills and has been training with The Great Khali. Because of his huge built and striking personality, he was chosen for the role of Hanuman. Danish is very particular about his workout and so that he does not miss out on any chance, he requested the team to make the famous ‘Hanuman Gada’ worth 6 kgs of weight.

“When I signed up for the show, I knew most of my time would go in shooting. I didn’t want to compromise with my workout so I came up with a solution of working and working out together. Hanuman’s gada is a key aspect and an important part of his life.On seeing the gada, I thought it would be amazing to have the gadaas the same weight of equipment as I use in my gym. I requested the team to make it 6kgs heavy so that I can use it for exercising off the screen. I use the gada with utmost respect just like Hanuman and take good care of it,” says the very fit, Danish.

He adds, “The team respected my suggestion and readily agreed to do the same. I’m glad I can shoot as well as maintain my body at the same time.”

Watch Danish Akhtar Saifi as Hanuman in Siya Ke Ram every day at 8pm only on STAR PLUS.




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