Ushalaunches theVertiKing Mini Monoblock Water Pump


Ushalaunches theVertiKing Mini Monoblock Water Pump

USHA International, one of India’s leading consumer durable companies, launches the all new VertiKing Mini Monoblock Water Pumpwith V flow design which makes it highly efficient for water suction.

The pump boasts of the highest** discharge rate of 2060 litres/ hour in the industry in its category. Best in class technology integrated with 0.5HP motor makes it a powerful and energy efficientproduct.Considering the increaseddemand forwater in households during summers, the product is being launched at the beginning of the season.USHA offersa wide range of pumps and is a trusted brand offering quality and superior performance products.

The USHAVertiKing Mini Monoblock Water Pump is compact with anti-corrosion properties.Itslarge sized high grade material impeller substantially increases its water discharge capabilities. The pump also has aF-class insulation tosupport motor components under high load conditionsand protectsfrom over-heating. The insulation also adds to product durability and makes the pump safe for use. Best suited for low to mid-rise apartments, the pump facilitates faster filling of the overhead tank leading to power saving, therebymaking it a smarter choice!

Usha VertiKing 0.5HP Mini Monoblock Water Pump comes with a 2 year warranty and is priced at Rs. 4990/-

According to the AC Nielson Survey 2015, USHA is the most trusted Indian brand in the consumer durables industry.


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**Considering height of overhead tank is 12 meters from ground level.



For further information, contact:
PR24x7 Network Limited
Atul Malikram



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