Bhopal’s first Knee Implantation Surgery through kick navigation system performed successfully

unnamed (1)Bhopal’s first Knee Implantation Surgery through kick navigation system performed successfully

The knee surgery of a 55 year old women Naseem Bee was performed successfully at Central Hospital in the city on 5th April by Doctor Vinay Tantuway, Knee and Shoulder Specialist, who performed the operation using Kick Navigation Machine, one of the latest in its series. From Central Hospital Doctor Kamlesh Meena, Orthopaedic Surgeon was also present during the surgery. It’s a different types of Operation for the people of Bhopal, which was successfully performed by modern Kick Navigation System. Through this machine both the joints can be operated one by one giving replaced joints a feel of natural joints as the bone cuts in this procedure are very low. Naseem Bee had knee problem since last 8-10 years. After the surgery, she’ll be kept under expert’s supervision for 5 days before leaving.

After the surgery, Naseem Bee said, “I had knee pain since last ten years. I was not able to walk without any support. Even with the support walking and stepping stairs was very troublesome. Suffering by this pain I could not able to go to perform Haj since last 5 years.  When Doctor Vinay told that my knees could be recovered fully through navigation surgery, I got much needed relief and I decided to go for Haj this year, for this the Haj Form has also submitted by me. ”

Till now kick navigation system was available only in Indore and Jabalpur in central India, but after the first successful operation in Bhopal, It now available here at Central Hospital. Talking about kick navigation system, Doctor Vinay said, “Kick Navigation Machine has been designed in Germany to help in fitting artificial joints with 100 % accuracy. In this procedure a small cut is made for the surgery causing very less blood loss. The main benefit of this surgery is that you don’t need complicated physiotherapy sessions after this, as the blood loss is very less due to very small cut and artificial joint, being very flexible fits easily in the body and gives a feel of completely natural joint. This artificial joint has longer life and implantation is done with 100 percent accuracy.”

He further said, “Bhopal is very special for me, because I have completed my medical science education from here, So I want to organized this facility for the people of the city. For this aim, we decided that during last weekend of every month we will have been available for the consulting and operation of the rheumatoid arthritis patients.   During knee replacement surgery, positioning the joint at accurate place is very crucial, kick computer navigation is specially designed to implant and position all the organs with 100 percent accuracy.”

Talking about the knee problems, increasing at a fast pace at present, Doctor Vinay said that if had problem in walking, stepping up or down through stairs, problem in movement of shoulder or had pain and swelling in joints, you should consult your physician. Now almost all problems of joints or bones have lasting and painless treatment through latest technologies like kick navigation system.

Express his thought on this occasion, Dr. Kamlesh Meena, Orthopaedic Surgeon of Central Hospital, Bhopal said, ‘’I extremely happy to conduct the facility of modern process of Kick Navigation System for the people of Bhopal. From the beginning, my aim is to easily provide modern health facilities to the people of the city, to fulfill this aim with the help of Dr. Vinay Tantuway arrange the facility of this types of surgery at Central Hospital for the Rheumatoid Arthritis and OSTEOARTHRITIS

patient. Where this types of patient get complete treatment and live healthy & happily life after getting doctor’s consultation and further treatment.’’

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