Terence Lewis flaunts his six pack abs for So You Think You Can Dance

Terence Lewis flaunts his six pack abs for So You Think You Can Dance

Terrence (3)

Ace choreographer Terence Lewis is well known for his style and is always seen sporting the latest trend, be it his clothes, hairstyle or accessories. But now he has gone one step further and enhanced his physique by sporting a six pack. Now if you wondering if this is for some movie that Terence will soon be seen acting in, then we are sorry to disappoint you. Terence will be seen flaunting his six packs in the first look of &TV’s latest offering So You Think You Can Dance ‘Ab India Ki Baari’. Wearing a see through vest and casual pants, Terence will be seen strutting a few signature dance moves. Says Terence “Keeping in mind with the grandness of the show, I wanted to be in the best physical shape possible. I decided to go for a sleek, classic and a dapper look. For the same, I was required to sport a ripped body. It’s a lot of hardwork as I was required to spend nearly 2 hours in the gym everyday doing core and functional training.”

The world’s biggest dance show will stand witness to an epic battle which will see two dance forms, Stage and Street fight it out for the greatest honor. Terence Lewis, one of the judges on the show will be seen taking a keen interest in the technicalities involved in the dance forms.

Get ready for the biggest dance show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ coming this April only on &TV



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