Actress Sarika to host Life OK’s show, Savdhaan India

Actress Sarika to host Life OK’s show, Savdhaan India

TV actress Sarika is all set to return to television after a year since she was last seen in a horror show.

She will be anchoring Life OK’s Savdhaan India. Sarika will be taking on the much-sensitive and less

talked about issue- medical crime, in the series.

This will be Sarika’s third performance on TV, but she will be exploring the crime genre for the first time

on the small screen. “It’s non-fiction yet, there is an element of cinema and the combination is

interesting”, quotes Sarika when asked about her role. “It is a sensitive subject and needs to be treated

carefully-right from the performance to your costumes. Everything has to be in tone with the issues we

are talking about, so there is nothing loud or over the top”, she added. Sarika has worked with the

show’s director, Sanjay Tripathy, as he has also directed her in the movie Club 60.

“I thought of Sarika as an anchor when I came on board for Savdhaan India”, said Sanjay when asked

about him and the actress teaming up for the upcoming episode of the show. While talking about the

same, Sarika said, “When Sanjayji called me for this show, I was on board with no questions asked

because Club 60 is like my family and me doing this show is an extension of that experience”.


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