Vasant’s second wife seems like a ‘Ghotala’

Vasant’s second wife seems like a ‘Ghotala’

All hell breaks loose when a lady named Premlata (Pariva Pranati) enters Sunshine colony claiming to

be Vasant’s (Sumeet Raghavan) wife. While Vasant refutes all her claims and tries his best to defend

himself, the lady shows all the possible proofs that frame him. After trying to recollect Vasant learns

that unknowingly he had signed some papers which happened to be marriage documents and on

Earth if two people sign the papers you are considered as married.

Premlata now starts living with the Ghotalas as Vasant’s lawfully wedded wife much to Varsha’s

(Rupali Bhosale) dismay. However Sharad (Vinay Rohrra), Hemant (Punit Talreja) and Shishir (Sujay

Bhagwe) support Premlata as they believe she is a victim of circumstances and Vasant’s

carelessness. On the other hand the men of Sunshine colony who are smitten by Premlata use

various tactics to woo her while Vasant tries to pacify Varsha and trying to prove his innocence.

Will Premlata break Vasant and Varsha’s marriage or will Vasant come out clean?

Pariva Pranati who will be seen as Premlata in SAB TV’s Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hai said, “Premlata

enters the lives of the Ghotala’s and catches Vasant unaware when she claims to be his wife. She

starts living with them in Sunshine colony as everyone has accepted her except for Varsha. Premlata

is a very attractive girl and all the men in the colony try to woo her which adds on to a lot of

confusion which will lead to humorous situations as she tries to dodge their affections.”

Stay tuned! Find out if Vasant will be able to prove his innocence, tune in to Badi Dooor Se Aaye

Hai every Monday to Friday 9:30 pm only on SAB TV!


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