Pavitra Punia, who’s the new vamp on STAR Plus’s most popular show Ye Hai Mohabbatein, has

taken up meditation. Playing the role of Nidhi Chabbra is taxing since the role requires her to

shout quite often on the show and her character has shades of grey. This sometimes results in

her energy getting completely drained after her shoot.

She was overheard by sources on the set saying, “I very often get headaches because of yelling

in the show. To avoid it I have started meditation since it calms my mind and relaxes my body.

Fans have started sending me hate mails but I’m happy because now everybody can see my

caliber and that I’m doing justice to my character.”

Pavitra Punia has been the talk of the telly town because of her character on the show. Nidhi is

the sole reason for the breakup of Raman and Ishita, leading to their separation post leap in the

This clearly tell us that the role of a villain can sometimes be more demanding than the role of

the good side. So we hope Pavitra gets a respite from those headaches and is one step closer to

finding some inner peace.

Watch Pavitra Punia as Nidhi Chabbra in Ye Hai Mohabbatein every day at 7.30 pm

and 11 pm only on STAR Plus.


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