Saver “Save Water, Save Crop”

Saver “Save Water, Save Crop”



Rama Fertichem Limited is a public company


Rama Fertichem ltd is a fastest growing bio fertilizers company with the range of 40 different types of fertilizers and veterinary products.


From last few years we have been facing drought issues which lead to poorer conditions of farmers and inflation. Many farmers took decision of ending their lives due to no rain and water shortage for farming.


Considering the need of time, Rama Fertichem Limited has launched the revolutionary product called SAVER, one solution to drought.


Our Exclusive product Savor is environmentally safe, potassium-based polyacrylamide crystals that have been specially designed for the use in agriculture and horticulture.


Saver can be efficiently used in agriculture to reduce watering frequency up to 60%. It is beneficial throughout the growth cycle of plants, especially in the areas of germination, growth enhancement and root establishment. Each crystal absorbs up to 400 times its weight in water, forms gel, keep the soil moist for healthier plants.


Saver has polymers which work by absorbing and storing water, nutrients in a gel form. These hydro gels help to maintain a consistent moisture and nutrient balance in the root zone, Hence reducing hydric stress, which can slow down the plant growth”.


Major features:


Agricultural Water Holding Product

Reduces watering frequency by up to 60%

Soil conditioner

Reduces hydric stress, Reduces leaching & cuts

reduces fertilizer usage

Protects the environment against drought



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