Gadhaprasad and Markatiplan to elope to save their love


All is not fine in Chidiyaghar! Gomukh (Sumit Arora) has fallen in a pit of lies as he had disguised himself as Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) to help Gadhaprasad (JituShivhare) woo his lady love (AartiKandpal) by letting them stay in Chidiyaghar. On the other hand, cupid has struck and Gadhaprasad has found his soulmate in Markati but they receive severe opposition from her father, the Raja of Markatpradesh (Anang Desai).

He also learns about Gadhaprasad obsession for Markati and how he plans to propose her. Just as he is about to react, the real Babuji arrives at the right time and apologises on behalf of the members of Chidiyaghar. However Markatpradesh’s Raja who hates liars is no mood to listen and decides to take away his daughter.


Soon Gadhaprasad and Markati start missing being around each other and hatch a plan to elope. He is so smitten and fixated on marrying Markati that he has decided that he will either elope or die. Meanwhile, the family in Chidiyaghar is completely in the dark about Gadhaprasad making such important and grave decisions of his life


Will Gadhaprasad and Markati be caught? Or will they manage to successfully elope to a safe location where they cannot be traced.


AartiKandpal who plays Markati in SAB TV’s Chidiyaghar said,”Markati and Gadhaprasad who have realised their love for each other finally decide to run away after facing opposition from her father. They ask Tommy’s help but face a hurdle in the form of Balwan who spots them. On the other hand both their families are tensed and have sent search parties to locate the runaway couple.”


Tune in to Chidiyaghar to find out whether Gadhaprasad and Markati manage to give Balwan a miss, every Monday to Friday, 9pm only on SAB TV!



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