Celebrate International Dance Day with &TV’s So You Think You Can Dance

Celebrate International Dance Day with &TV’s So You Think You Can Dance



“Dance is the hidden language to the soul”- said the beautiful Martha Graham.

Dancing is the most passionate expression in the world. It makes you free, happy and in sync with your inner soul. On the occasion of International Dance Day today (April 29) the world is celebrating the magic of dance. We caught up with the judges and host of &TV’s So You Think You Can Dance to know their thoughts on this joyous day. Read on:


Madhuri Dixit

If acting is my first love then dancing is my passion. It is really a nice feeling that dance today is given so much importance and one day in a year is dedicated for dance. I have seen a lot of talent during the auditions rounds of So You Think You Can Dance and it is really commendable that we are taking dancing to a whole new level. Dancing helps me get fit and always gives me inner peace and I hope everyone who loves dancing enjoys dance as much as I do.

Terence Lewis

I am really happy that a day is dedicated to the most joyful art; DANCE. On April 29 everyone rejoices various dance forms across the world. In India we are now trying to make the audience aware of Stage and street styles through our show So You Think You Can dance. I believe that if one really has the passion for dance one can go places. I urge everyone that if dancing is really your passion then go chase it

Bosco Martis

Dance to me is Life. A form of art that helps you express every emotion felt by a living soul. Having a day dedicated to Dance all around the world speaks volumes for the recognition this art form has received today. This International Dance Day what better way than to celebrate it with the very talented team of So You Think You Can Dance. I feel proud and at the same time am immensely humbled at this opportunity that has come my way.


Rithvik Dhanjani

Dancing is not just a hobby it’s a way of emoting my inner self, a way of expressing myself and not only for me but for millions and millions of people. I get high on dancing it’s like an addiction and I must say a very good one. I am so glad that today dancer get the respect that they deserve because it used to disrespectful to be a dancer but not anymore thanks to so many mediums and one of them being our show So You Think You Can people have now found a way of living in dancing.



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