MugdhaChaphekar who plays Anisha in SAB TV’s SahebBiwiAur Boss

My mother has been my pillar of strength. Whatever I am today is because of her. She has inculcated values in me for which I can’t thank her enough.

This Mother’s Day I want to have a day out with my mom, eating our favorite delicacies and going shopping. I recently won The State Award, which I dedicate to my mom.


SumeetRaghavan who plays Vasant Ghotala in SAB TV’s Badi Door Se Aaye Hai

My mother has and will always be my strength. I remember the days when she used to take me for my rehearsals, my workshops, my dance classes, my singing classes. Never once has she cribbed. Even today she is forever smiling and ready to go all out for everybody and anybody. Love you mummy! I wish I could get her enthusiasm, her always-willing-to-volunteer attitude, an ever-smiling nature and a golden heart which has only love and compassion. I’m blessed to have a mom like her!


Vipul Roy who plays Sunny in SAB TV’s SahebBiwiAur Boss

My mother is my creator. She is my god. I don’t feel hesitant to say that she is a biased mother who loves me unconditionally. She has helped me in every way possible to be where I am today, from celebrating my victories to sharing my sorrows.


MandarChandwadkar who plays Bhide in SAB TV’s Taarak Mehta KaOoltahChashma

My mother has a great sense of humor and that is what has helped me in Taarak Mehta KaOoltahChashma. For me, every day is Mother’s Day, be it my mother or be it my son’s mother, my wife.


Sudipa Singh who plays Rani Pari in SAB TV’s Baal Veer

Mothers need no day to celebrate their contribution in our life! But it’s a day when we can do a little bit extra to get a smile on her face. This year I am planning a trip for mom with all her sisters so they can spend some time together as they all are busy with their respective families. I am very close to my mom as she has always supported me throughout! She is my world and I take no decision without her consent.


ReshamTipnis who plays Mandodari in SAB TV’s SahebBiwiAur Boss

My mom has always supported me. She is my best friend. She has made me strong and she is the reason for all the good things happening to me as her blessings are always with me. There are no plans up until now, but yes just waiting for my kids to give me some surprise on this day!


RupaliBhosale who plays VarshaGhotala in SAB TV’s SahebBiwiAur Boss

Mother’s Day needs no special day for celebration because according to me it is a day that needs to be cherished every day. I have come a long way and I give all the credits of it to my mother. I still remember the time I had to go for a photoshoot and for that we were short of money and my mother had literally mortgaged gold just so that I could have a nice and proper photoshoot. Only a mother can do things like this and it’s not just that instance there are many more where I’m really thankful to my mother for. I am what I am today because of her love and support and I really love and her respect her for that and I’m really thankful for it. As my mother loves sweets I’m planning on meeting her in the evening as I’ll be shooting all day and will surprise her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          pr24x7


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