Ghotala’s get a lead about their lost son 2015!

Varsha (RupaliBhosle)  is relieved after Premlata’s (ParivaPranati) exit and is happy that things between her and Vasant (SumeetRaghavan) are finally back to normal. However her bliss is short lived when certain strange occurrences start shrouding Sunshine Colony and the Ghotala household. Vasant receives a cryptic telepathic call on his alien device and soon the entire family gets together to try and decode it. Vasant who still suspects that Manav (Pradeep Duhan) is an alien decides to confront him and asks him upfront, when suddenly there are abrupt changes in the environment and the weather changes to extreme temperatures very suddenly.


Hemant (PunitTalreja) starts throwing fire through his mouth after a heat wave and the temperatures sees fluctuations which leads Shishir (SujayBagwe) to believe that this must be the doing of an Alien called 13 who has control over weather. Meanwhile Vasant finds 2015’s bag and his doubt about his lost son’s whereabouts are confirmed. He tells the Sunshine Colony members that he has found 2015’s belongings with the pictures of every member of the colony and he now suspects that one of them is his son.


Will the Ghotala’s finally find their missing son 2015 or will they get disappointed this time around too?


SumeetRaghavan who plays Vasant Ghotala in SAB TV’s BadiDooor Se Aaye Hai said, “Vasant finds 2015’s bag and intensifies his search and suspect that one of the members of Sunshine colony is their missing alien son. The needle of suspicion is on each and every member of the colony and Vasant tries his best to unearth the mystery of missing son 2015.”


Find out if the Ghotala’s are reunited with their lost son 2015 on BadiDooor Se Aaye Hai every Monday to Friday 9:30 pm only on SAB TV!



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