On popular demand, Tamanna gets an extension of a month!

On popular demand, Tamanna gets an extension of a month!
Tamanna in a short span of time has managed to win the hearts of the audiences. The
show revolves around the life of Dharaa Solanki and her unconventional dream of
becoming a cricketer. The show beautifully highlighted the 3 phases of her life-
childhood, marriage, divorce and how she emerges as a strong woman who doesn’t
give up on her dream. Currently the track of the show is based in Meerut where
Dharaa, now a single mother has become a coach and is coaching a team of 11 boys
for a tournament.
Because of the overwhelming response and all the love and accolades that the
character Dharaa has received, the show has got an extension of a month! An elated
producer Ajinkya Deo said, “The show has received a lot of appreciation and critical
acclaim from viewers and so, it has been extended. We are happy that audiences
could connect with Dhara’s journey.” Anuja Sathe who essays the role of the Dharaa
said, “I am so happy that my character has received so much of love from the
viewers. This is the real award any actor can ask for- that their character gets
recognized and people get inspired. I am overwhelmed that Tamanna is getting an
extension; we promise to continue delivering quality work and keep our audiences happy.”
The channel is sure that Tamanna will continue to create a mark and Dharaa’s
character will be an inspiration for all the women in the nation to never give up on
their dreams.


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