Gustakh Dil Kya Laajo apna career banane mein safal ho payegi ??

Star Utsav Gustakh Dil



As of now you have seen  how Nikhil and Laajo become emotional while departing from each other in Gustakh Dil on Star Utsav. Siddharth attacks Adhiraj, with the help of his goons. Aisha worries about Adhiraj’s condition. Laajo and Saraswati share their feelings with each other. Laajo wants to build her career for Nikhil’s sake, and wishes to earn respect in his family. Barkha feels relaxed after Nikhil returns home without Laajo. Nikhil makes Barkha realise about her misdeeds against him and Laajo. Inder praises Laajo’s greatness. Will Barkha realise her mistakes? To know more, keep watching Gustakh Dil…
Why is Laajo tolerating such a relationship with her husband? Watch Laajo’s story in ’Gustakh Dil’ only on Star Utsav daily at 7:30 pm .




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