Alia becomes a part of Shailendra Singh’s Directorial Debut Sunshine Music Tours and Travels

Alia becomes a part of Shailendra Singh’s Directorial Debut Sunshine Music Tours and Travels

This year seems to be the season of new comers, post Harshvardhan Kapoor and Sayimi Kher, its Shailendra singh who is all geared tolaunch Sunny Kaushal in his directorial debut which depicts fun, laughter, music and above all a journey that makes one chase their dreams. Post pictures of Alia Bhatt in beauty parlours and small cities, she’s now made her way in Shailendra Singhs journey in hisdebut film Sunshine Music Tours and travels. A source from the film revealed, every character who boards this bus has a back hand story and dream that they collectively are chasing and one of the actors Ashrut is a die heart fan of Alia and throughout the journey he carries a large portrait of hers. While drafting the script, a survey was held amongst the youth with various leading ladies of B Town and Alia hands down won the survey and she became a part of this project with an actor who is overly obsessed with her in the film. On touching base with Shailendra Singh he stated, it’s a fun light musical film which is all about achieving your dreams and one of the characters in the film has only one dream that of meeting Alia Bhatt.

Atul Malikram



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