Khidki’s next ‘Tiranga’ is a beautiful love story set during the 1947 freedom struggle

Khidki’s next ‘Tiranga’ is a beautiful love story set during the 1947 freedom struggle

Set in 1947 the love story is of Chandrakant Joshi (RushiPawar) and the brave Padma (ShriyaPopat). Chandrakant a young freedom fighter from Unjha, Gujarat is looking forward to getting his country Independence from the British raj. The young patriot has something or other up his sleeves to bother the Britishers. At 20, his father Shankarlal (Govind Pandey) has fixed his marriage with a young orphaned Gujarati girl Padma who lives with her grandparents in Pune.

Chandrakant is taken by surprise on his marriage being fixed without his consent. He tells his family about his reservations on marrying a girl who he has not seen. He decides that it is important for him to see her and get to know her before he gives his nod to this alliance. Chandrakant finally hatches a plan along with his siblings to visit Pune to meet his soon to be bride. On his way he releases some freedom fighters with the help of a young girl, which later turns out to be Padma. Chandrakant again sets out to see his bride before their marriage on the 14th of August. On the other hand the authorities are on the lookout for him and want to book him before the 15th of August in connection with the Pune jail break.

Will Chandrakant ever find out about the brave freedom fighter? Will he ever see Padma before the marriage date or will the authorities put him behind the bars?

RushiPAwar who plays Chandrakant Joshi said,“Tiranga is a beautiful love story set in India in 1947. Chandrakant is a freedom fighter who is all set to get married on the 14th of August. However he puts forth a condition that he wants to see the girl’s face before the marriage and she doesn’t let him. The events that follow leads to hilarious situations as he tries to see her face. The story has been shot in a very aesthetic way to bring alive the pre-independence era. I am sure the viewers will love this story.”


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Atul Malikram



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