ITM University, set up stage for budding talent to sensitize about the social world.

ITM University, set up stage for budding talent to sensitize about the social world.

More than 200 students participated in the competition to showcase their endowment

ITM University, has set platform for the budding talents of Chattisgarh to initiate a social change through art and knowledge at an event organised by Faculty of Commerce, Management & Research on 26th July. The ‘youth and technology’ themed Junior College Drawing, Debate & Skit competition witnessed young talents reaction to different social issues through art, painting and performance.

More than 200 students of Class 10th,11th& 12th  from top schools of Chhattisgarh participated in the competition. The festival of art and colour  started with a grand inauguration ceremony.

While speaking on the occasion Dr Sanjay Kumar VC ITM University said “We can undoubtedly say that the new generation is way too talented. The social awareness and emotional intelligence of youth showcased in occasions like this ignite a hope that the world is moving in right direction. Technology is something which will be a boon when used it in right way and can turn to be a curse if things go wrong way. Youth who are already master in technology should understand the real problems of the world they live in and should use technology for the betterment of system”.

The drawing competition has witnessed young students presenting their outlook and thoughts on different serious social issues. The students portrayed various pros and cons of social media world on drawing paper. The Generation Y who are up to date in the digital world have clear perception on the good and bad influence of social media and technology on social life.

The drawing competition was followed by a debate & skit competitions. Students have made use of the platform as an opportunity to voice themselves against several social issues which remain as main obstacle for social growth. The student actors created awareness on many social realities through their performance.

Young debaters who exchanged their thoughts on different socially relevant topic at the debates left an impression that the future generation is capable to fight back against the evils.

The event came to a grand end with a valedictory session and winners were awarded with certificates & cash prizes. The event was a big hit and the idea of spreading the message of social prospects among the young kids was also properly executed.

For further information, contact:

PR24x7 Network Limited

Atul Malikram



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