“learning to ride a bike is a tough task” – Shiviya Pathania

“learning to ride a bike is a tough task” – Shiviya Pathania


Riding a bike is a task for many especially when it comes to women who are not keen on learning on how to ride it! Such a difficulty was faced by the vivacious Shiviya Pathania who will be seen riding a bike for a sequence in Kavita Barjatiya Productions show Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka on Sony Entertainment Television.


On the same when we got in touch with Shivya to know her experience on riding a bike and she said, “I always chose to sit on the back seat of the bike, so I never learnt how to ride it. But since there was a requirement of me riding a bike for in the show, I took it as a challenge to learn it.”


Furthermore she elaborates saying, riding a bike was a tough task for her,  “The production house had arranges a trainer for me who used to teach me how to ride a bike. So every day  I used to wake up at 6am and head to shoot to learn how to ride a bike. Though it was definitely a tough task but not to forget a great experience too.”


Well truly, learning new things is a great experience!


Atul Malikram







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