Sunshine Music Tours and Travel takes over the music world

Sunshine Music Tours and Travel takes over the music world

Music Is always known to be the soul of a film and when it comes to Sunshine Music Tours and Travels, Shailendra Singh’s directorial debut you can exactly expect the same. With Shailendra having an ear for music,  launching Vishal Shekhar,  Salim Suleiman and many more,  his directorial debuts soundtrack will move one and all. The movie that a musical joy ride a tribute to travel films like dil Chatha hai, zindagi na milegi Doobara, Bombay to Goa has its soul in the background score. He not only has got artist Nucleya but also launching  the dynamic duo of Adam & Eddie, who have created an album which is true to the young, hip travelling film. Together, they have also had the guts to be able to re-record – with a deep, Indian soul – the massive blockbuster You are My Sunshine, by Johnny Cash which has already got the audiences moving. Looks like Shailendra is not only geared to launch Sunny Kaushal in a big way but give the album of the year.

Sunshine Music Tours and Travels to release on 2nd September

Atul Malikram



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