Fitness conscious Nirbhay Wadhwa inspires co-actors on the set of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanumaan

Fitness conscious Nirbhay Wadhwa inspires co-actors on the set of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanumaan


The talented Nirbhay Wadhwa who is seen playing the role of Lord Hanumaan in Sony Entertainment Television’s Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanumaan, is garnering appreciation for his stellar performance in the show. After spending almost a year behind building a perfect physique to play the character of the strongest Lord Hanumaan, Nirbhay has not only impressed the audience but also his co-actors on the set.


A source close to the production house informs us about how Nirbhay has become the Fitness guru on the set. “Nirbhay’s co-actors Gagan Malik (Ram), and Arun Mandola (Laxman) have been taking fitness tips from him. They have also got a mini gym set up on the set, where exercising becomes easier in their tough shooting schedule. The crew on the set has also been taking advice on fitness from Nirbhay.”


Well Nirbhay not only inspires people on the set to exercise daily but also motivates them to eat healthy food. “As Nirbhay is particular about eating healthy food, the unit members have started following him,” adds the source

Atul Malikram



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