The Biggest Bahu of 100 kg on the Block – Rytasha Rathore

Rytasha Rathore as Badho Bahu 2

The Biggest Bahu of 100 kg on the Block – Rytasha Rathore


&TV’s upcoming show ‘Badho Bahu’ with its unique concept is all set to challenge the norms and present something exciting to its viewers! As the name suggests, the channel will showcase a story of the BIGGEST BAHU on the block and the makers had a tough task at hand to decide on who will be their Badho. After a nationwide audition, new comer Rytasha Rathore has been zeroed upon and will be seen making her TV debut opposite Prince Narula!


Rythasha will be seen portraying the character of Badho who is big not only BIG physically but has an equally bigger heart and spreads happiness around her. She has a childlike innocence and is very vocal about her thoughts.


When we asked Rythasha on her thoughts about her debut, she shared, “I couldn’t have wished for a better launch to kickstart my career on television. It definitely feels great to be accepted. Let me assure you that I am the undisputed champion when it comes to being BIG! I hope the audience will appreciate my character Badho and send us lots of love. Believe me you, its not easy shooting with thin people!”


We wish you all the best Rythasha!


Badho Bahu coming soon only on &TV


Atul Malikram



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