Emergency Medical Service Provider Ziqitza Health Care Ltd Wins Mandate to Manage DIAL 108 Ambulance Service in Madhya Pradesh


Emergency Medical Service Provider Ziqitza Health Care Ltd Wins Mandate to Manage DIAL 108 Ambulance Service in Madhya Pradesh


ZHL the winner of the Tender floated by the State Government for Integrated Emergency Medical Services


Bhopal, August 19, 2016: Ziqitza Health Care Ltd (ZHL), one of India’s leading emergency medical services provider has won the tender for integrated Emergency Medical Ambulance Services in the state of Madhya Pradesh. As a part of the tender, Ziqitza Health Care Ltd will work with the state government to provide comprehensive pre-hospital emergency services that are being consolidated under DIAL 108.


Madhya Pradesh is the first state in India to bring all the emergency medical helplines under one umbrella, all serviced through the DIAL 108. The new DIAL 108 helpline managed by Ziqitza will now include Sanjeevani Express consisting of 604 ambulances, Janani Express with 735 ambulances, an additional 147 mobile medical units (MMUs), and 15 seat 104 Health Help Line.


Mr. Naresh Jain, CEO, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited said, “We are proud to be able to serve the people of Madhya Pradesh in partnership with the Government. Our aim is to ensure that every person in need of emergency medical assistance is served irrespective of their class, status or religion. Ziqitza was founded with the sole objective of bridging the gap in emergency health services by introducing global best practices in the field. We will ensure that the same quality of world class service is offered to the people of Madhya Pradesh.”


The emergency ambulance service will be launched in the state  for free of cost to the people of Madhya Pradesh. The emergency service will ensure delivery of quality emergency care across the chain of services with proper emergency management system. This fleet will comprise of both Advance Life support (ALS) and Basic Life Supporter (BLS) ambulances with sophisticated features like defibrillators, cardiac monitors and suction machines, among others. The ambulances will also have emergency medicines, life saving equipments as mentioned above along with oxygen cylinders


This ambulance service is a scheme under the Madhya Pradesh government and National Rural Health Mission (NHRM) which is predominantly an emergency response system designed to attend patients of critical care, trauma and accident victims. The citizens can avail for this service 24X7 free of cost. This is a people oriented service focused on providing free pre-hospital care to all people in Madhya Pradesh. The ambulances will be stationed mostly in CHC’s  and district hospitals.




About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited:

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited is a professional ambulance service provider which provides emergency medical services (EMS). Started by a group of young professionals in 2004, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited has provided services across the country making emergency medical services (EMS) and pre-hospital care a reality in India.


Atul Malikram




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