SAB TV’s ‘ChannoBhaagGayi’ is a hilarious take on the maid issues faced by families!


SAB TV’s ‘ChannoBhaagGayi’ is a hilarious take on the maid issues faced by families!


This week Khidki brings another interesting story with its latest offering ‘ChannoBhaagGayi’. Ranveer (Kunal Kumar) and Pooja Saini (Deepali Pansare) are a happily married couple and have a kamwalibaiLaxmi who leaves their household work and joins their neighbor Mr. Gupta at a better salary.


Pooja finds herself burdened with household work and her everyday nagging makes Ranveer’s life difficult. The couple end up arguing on how will they manage without a maid. Ranveer believes that household chores aren’t a big deal, but women just exaggerate and are lazy to do things on their own. To prove her point Pooja challenges him to take charge of the daily chores for a week and share his experience. Ranveer accepts the challenge. He also decides to teach Mr. Gupta a lesson as he always takes undue advantage of situations, all because he is the society secretary. Ranveer devices a plan where he dresses up as a kamwalibai called Channo and takes up the job of a house help at half the price at Mr. Gupta’s.


Will Ranveer and Pooja get their bai back? Will Ranveer succeed in the 7 day challenge given by his wife?


Kunal Kumar who plays the role of Ranveer and Channo says, “I am excited to be associated with the new story of Khidki where I will be playing a woman called Channo. It has been a challenging experience but a great learning opportunity for me. SAB TV, Khidki’s concept is very different as it introduces a new story every week and brings in engaging real stories from across India. I hope to be a part of many other stories of Khidki in the future.”



To find out tune in to Khidki, every Monday to Friday, 9:30 pm only on SAB TV!


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