You will be seen on the small screen after a short break. What did you do during this break while you were away?

Mishkat Verma as Bubbles Pratap

During this break a lot of things had happened. To start with my sister got married so it kept me busy with all the preparation and then I had to work on my fitness as I had gained a lot of fat. So basically I did all the things that an actor would do when he is out of work actor.

Why did you choose IcchaPyaariNaagin?

Ichhapyaarinaagin is a unique show that people will get to see in this new trend of naagin shows currently on the small screen. I’m not saying this just because I am a part of this show but the audience will see themselves how different is the concept of the show.


Tell us something about the character that you play?

I play the character of Bubble Pratap. He is the youngest son of the Pratap family. The family is of pehelwans but bubble is not one of them. Bubble is a very simple boy who is unlike the other pehelwan’s in his family.

IcchaPyaariNaagin is a comedy show. Are you comfortable with the genre?

Yes! Comedy is something which I haven’t done before but this show is not only about comedy, there is a lot more to it.
Tell us something about your look on the show?

My look in the show is just like how I am in my real life and I just have to be myself in the show to play the character of Pratap.
Your character on the show falls in love with a naagin. In real life do you believe in the supernatural and the unexplained?
No, I don’t really believe in anything which cannot be supported by facts but at the same time I’m terrified of the supernatural as much as I don’t believe in it.



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