“Giving back to Society is our constant endeavour.”-Mirchandani Mirchandani emphasises on CSR Initiatives

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Indore: Harish Mirchandani, popularly addressed as Bhau (elder brother) has lived his life on pious principles that makes him a visionary and a true karam yogi. Mirchandani group built a Lift for old age people in Poojya Roopah Dharmik & Parmarthik Trust ( Elder’s Sweet Home ) which provided a comfort to the elders. Also have constructed a top floor of Cera gym in ashram, which provides health and fitness facilities. Harish Mirchandani, popularly addressed as Bhau (elder brother) has lived his life on pious principles that makes him a visionary and a true karam yogi. The social activities group have performed for the old age people is remarkable and one of its own kind.


Mirchandani Group is a reputed name in residential and commercial projects with operations in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. They truly believe in sharing their success with the surrounding world, particularly the underprivileged sections of our society by helping them in all possible ways, taking up multiple projects regularly for their support and betterment of the community at large. They have provided CSR activities in several cities like Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Ulhas Nagar.


Mirchandani Group is actively engaged in giving back to society. The group has completed several successful projects with timely delivery that won the trust of its customers. They are doing lots of activities so that the society can be benefited and trying to make the life of the society more comfortable. PUSHP HARI FOUNDATION & MIRCHANDANI CHARITABLE TRUST have done many of the activities like running of free school facilities for children in slum areas. Distribution of monthly ration to about 1,000 families every month. Adoption of underprivileged villages. A old man with great heart from the old age says “I don’t feel old here, i feel like young every day after gyming. I am cared so well that i love this place and want to spend my every single last minutes here in this peace”.


Helping in girl education, elder’s support and various social causes. Mr. Harish Mirchandani of the group says that “Giving back to society should be our primary responsibility”. He adds, “We come from society. We work here and earn our livelihood here. It is for the love and support of people that makes us the leader in our field.” As a true “karam yogi “he firmly believes in the words of the Bhagwad  Gita  , which states that “ karam” ( sincere hard work ) is the real value  of life and “manav seva “ ( serving mankind) is true worship of Almighty god.  The group has a core philosophy of enabling growth and development of all people and nation at large. “We all have a responsibility of giving the people their share from our fortunes whose love and support help us in going forward.”


To fulfil its social objectives, Mirchandani Group has dedicated ‘Gambhir Mirchandani Trust’ and ‘Mirchandani Charitable Trust’ for the cause. The trusts distribute books to needy students, medicines for poor and underprivileged, Ration support to old age widows and poor women. The group believe in the social activated and to work for the welfare of the society. Because they know that to get happiness, happiness should be spreaded first. The group actively participates in activities of social development and provides infrastructural support and other help as and when needed.





Some of the projects undertaken by group are: Eye camp and Cataract Operation Camp at different locations in Indore, MP. Inauguration of Dome Hall at Namdev Panjwani School; Flooring Work, Dome support, Library and computer support at Dainik Bhaskar, NaiDunia, Prabhat Kiran, Peoples Samachar and Navbharat; The group has also provided construction support at Nari Niketan, Dwarka Puri for miscellaneous construction work. Clinical room and provision Homeopathic Doctor support to the Poojya Roopa Dharmik and Parmarthik Trust and distribution of food items to 100 Old Age widows from the trust; Construction of lift and an additional top floor for construction of Gym inside the Ashram; Construction of fourth floor including one Operation Theatre, one Recovery room and one Doctor’s room at Geeta Bhawan Hospital.


They have also provided education fees to poor and underprivileged; Medical support and distribution of copies and other educational support for the underprivileged is also constantly provided.


About Mirchandani Group:

Mirchandani Group is dedicated to provide highest standard of quality and services to its customers. The group has successfully completed over 25 years of operations in Real Estate andhas delivered apartments counting more than 5 million Sq. Ft. of space in Mumbai, Pune,Indore and Bhopal and projects of 4 million Sq. Ft. of space are under construction. Mirchandani Group is the only group to win CRISIL rating for its quality. The group’s project Premium Tower is the first project to be awarded in two categories by IDA in 2010.



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