It’s Nagin and Sapera connection for Siddhart Malhotra’s new IcchaPyari Nagin on SAB TV.


SAB TVs latest show IcchaPyaariNaagin is something to watch out for. The show which is slated to break the perceptions of naag and naagin’s will be hitting the small screen in September. As the name suggests, Icchais a charming and cheerful character who comes to earth to break the negative image that human have created of Naag/ Naagins. The show is produced by Siddharth P Malhotra who recently moved out of Cinevistaas Ltd and started his own production house. IcchaPyari Naagin will be the first show to be launched under his new banner.

Incidentally Siddharth’s grandfather Premnath Malhotra played the character of a Sapera in the movie Naagin (1976). The producer is very delighted to launch his new venture with a show based on Naagins.

Siddarth Malhotra said, “I had no idea when I was informed that my grandfather played sapera in the movie Nagin. I was surprised myself. In fact I spoke to my dad to check on this and he confirmed that it’s true. This is pleasant coincidence that was revealed during the launch of Icchapyari Nagin which will be my first show under the banner of my new production house.”

Tune in to SAB TV to find out more on IcchaPyaariNaagin.


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