Vivek challenges Sonu to a boxing match in SAB TV’s GuppChupp

Vivek challenges Sonu to a boxing match in SAB TV’s GuppChupp



SAB TV brings an episode where Lovely Kohli is tired of Vivek’s bored and lethargic behavior. In an attempt to find a solution, she comes across an advertisement on TV. The ad talks about a special tonic that makes people strong and active. Lovely Kohli decides to order the tonic for Vivek. She gives Vivek the entire bottle and he pretends to becomes strong. To show off his strength, Vivek challenges Sonu for a boxing match.

Vivek comes up with an idea to resist playing the boxing match by hiring a big pehlwan to come and splash mud on his face. To seek revenge, he beats up the man in front of the Sethi’s and Kohli’s and everyone is shocked. Seeing Vivek’s strength, Sonu is scared and decides to back off by lying to everyone that he has fever.

How Lovely Kohli reacts to Vivek’s gained strength and if she ever gets to know the truth is something that the audience will have to watch in this week’s episode of GuppChupp.


To find out tune in to GuppChupp, every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 pm only on SAB TV!



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