Prem Chopra graces SAB TV’s ChidiyaGhar with a special appearance


Prem Chopra graces SAB TV’s ChidiyaGhar with a special appearance


Veteran Bollywood actor Prem Chopra is set to enter ‘ChidiyaGhar’ in a special role. He will be playing the character of Babuji’sMamaji who has returned from Dubai. He will make a royal entry in a private jet, accompanied with four stewards.

He will be playing his age with the character name of ‘Prem Prakash’. Prem has come to India to get married to an Indian girl who he has seen on a matrimonial website.


On the other hand, in a family there are three unmarried woman who haven’t been able to get married due to dowry. The eldest is a 28 year old girl, Priya who wants to help and support her family in some way. She sees Prem Prakash profile on the matrimonial website and agrees to marry him if he supports her two other sisters financially.


Does Prem Prakash marry Priya is something that the audiences will have to see in this special episode.


Tune into SAB TV to watch ChidiyaGhar from Monday to Friday, 9- 9.30pm


For further information, contact:

PR24x7 Network Limited

Atul Malikram



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