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It is an old saying that one cannot fight one’s destiny! Some of the most talented actors around have started their acting careers by chance and not by choice. One such actor who got a major break without going through the regular drill is the charming Sonya Hussyn who is currently seen as Parisa in ‘Main Hari Piya’ that airs everyMonday to Saturday at 8.00 PM on Zindagi. Her ambition was to be a news anchor and she auditioned for the same to fulfil her dream. Unfortunately, she was rejected as they felt that she did not look mature enough on screen to be a news anchor. It was on one such audition that the actress was spotted by director Ali Saeed who offered her the lead in her first drama, Don’t Jealous.

Talking about her desire to become a news reader, Sonya Hussyn said, “I was still at university studying physiology and wanted to be a news anchor. I had rather idealistic views about media bringing the truth to people, but when they auditioned me, they told me that I did not look mature enough on the screen and should return to audition after doing my Masters.”

Main Hari Piya is a story of Parisa (Sonya Hussyn), a girl from a middle-class family who gets married to Zawar (Agha Ali) who belongs to a rich and influential family. Parisa enters the marriage, unware of the fact that her husband is already married to his cousin Aiza (Zeba Ali). Even though Aiza who doesn’t stay with Zawar encourages him to get married again, she is secretly unhappy about Zawar and Parisa’s relationship. Due to this Aiza and her brother conspire to make Parisa’s life difficult with the support of their aunt, Zawar’s mother who dislikes Parisa as she comes from a poorer family.

Will Parisa ever find out the truth that Zawar & his family are hiding from her? Will Zawar and Parisa’s marriage survive the truth of his first marriage?


Catch Sonya Hussyn as Parisa in ‘Main Hari Piya’ every Monday – Saturday at 8.00 PM only on Zindagi!


Atul malikram





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