Meet the Pehelwan’s from the Praatap family of IcchapyaariNaagin!

Pehelwan Family in Icchapyaari Naagin.JPG

SAB TV’s latest IcchapyaariNaaginis something to watch out for. As the title suggests, Iccha is a charming and cheerful naagin who descends on earth to debunk the myths and negative perceptions about Naags/ Naagins. The upcoming show starring PriyalGor, MishkatVerma and Farida Dadi will premiere from 27th September 2016.

As the story goes, Iccha meets a simple and loving family of Pehelwans -The Prataapfamily on Earth. Not the smartest family around, the Prataap’s are fun, generous and a caring family bonding over their love for staying fit and in perfect shape. With each character being unique, the story line will entertain the viewers across all age groups.

Dadi (Farida Dadi):

Kaushalya Devi is the head of Prataap family who runs an Akhadha. She strictly manages diets of all her sons and rest of the Pehelwans of the akhadha to make sure they eat healthy and they are always in perfect shape. While Dadi puts up a tough exterior for the world, she is a very warm and soft person at heart. Just before making it big internationally, her husband died an untimely death due to a snake bite. Her world came crashing thereafter, and her hatred towards snakes grew only stronger.

KhadakPrataap (Badrul Islam):

Though he is the son of an award winning Pehelwan, he looks nothing like one. KhadakPrataap is the son of Kaushalya Devi. He is short, lean and has limited strength as compared to any Pehelwan. The family is conscious of the fact and are always there to make sure so that he doesn’t feel inferior.

Prabal Pratap (Praveen Sirohi)

He is the eldest son of KhadakPrataap. Prabal is blessed with a great body but because of an unfortunate head injury in his childhood, he stuttered while talking. That’s not it, he can only comprehend a conversation if the other person also stutters.

Sabal Prataap (Rakshit Pant)

He is the second son of KhadakPrataap. He is known to have a great Pehelwan body, but falls short in intelligence and foresight. A deadly combination of a strong body and low IQ, he is always seen with a book that reminds him of his chores.

Bubble Prataap (MishkatVerma)

Bubble; a sweet, caring and romantic heart is a complete misfit in the family. As the male protagonist of the show he doesn’t understand the thought of winning over someone by force. Youngest of all the brothers, he doesn’t have the courage to share this with his family as everyone is banking on him to take the Pehelwaani legacy ahead. The Prataap’s hope that it is Bubble who will revive and bring back the lost stardom and respect back.

IcchapyaariNaagin launches on 27th September, Mon – Fri at 8pm only on Sony SAB.


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