Sukhwinder sings for Motu Patlu- King of Kings


Sukhwinder sings for Motu Patlu- King of Kings


Veteran singer Sukhwinder Singh is looking forward to the release of the most awaited 3D animated film of the year – Motu Patlu – King of Kings. The film is up for a mega release on 70 mm and singer Sukhwinder has sung two songs in the movie. He has been associated with the show since its inception and sung the title track ‘Motu Patlu ki jodi’. He is very excited to see how the song will be received by the audience for the movie this time..


For the upcoming film, Sukhwinder has sung the song ‘Dham Dham dham dhamake ke dhum’. The versatile singer said “I have been a part of Motu Patlu’s journey since the start and it was obvious for me to be a part of their theatrical debut as well. The  new song  that has been created for the movie  aptly fits the winning spirit of the characters and is extremely soulful. The rendition is sure to strike a chord amongst kids with its great music, lyrics and intensity”.  He also adds – “Working with Vishal Bhardwaj and having Gulzar Saab’s lyrics in a song Is truly a rare opportunity many people do not get. I am looking forward to a continued association with Motu Patlu and Nickelodeon”


Motu Patlu King of Kings is scheduled to release on 14th October, 2016.


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