The little KanganaRanaut on the set of Super Dancer


The little KanganaRanaut on the set of Super Dancer


The renowned actress KanganaRanuat has entertained the viewers with her extraordinary acting skills. Her massive fan following is witnessed in every part of the country, one such huge fan of the actress was encountered on the set of Super Dancer. Contestant DipaliBorkar’s love for the actress knows no bounds. Not only did she adapt the Bollywood Queen’s looks, but also performed outstandingly on her chartbuster songs.


Dipali’s similar looks to the actress surely did generate a comparison between her and Kangana. A source close to the production house informs us, “As soon as she started with her performance, the judges felt like they were watching KanganaRanuat performing live. Shilpa Shetty not only complemented Dipali for her dance act but also gave her a standing ovation.”


Impressed with the little girl, GeetaKapur and Anurag Basu also got on the stage and performed with Dipali


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