Will he be able to marry Aradhya

­­­Why did Arjun leave the home..???

Will he be able to marry Aradhya

Shamsher & Arjun are  grandsons of Bhanwaeri Devi & both are very different to each other by nature. Arjun loves Dr. Aradhya, but Shamsher is always against this love, because he can not forget & avoid hostility of Tilakraj Choudhary,  Aradhya’s father & Bhanwari Devi. Because of this , Arjun leaves home, which is not bearable for Bhanwari Devi.

Next day Shamsher goes to Tilakraj’s home to convince Arjun, but Arjun does not believe on Shamsher, he thinks that it is Shamsher’s conspiracy. Shamsher asks Aradhya to forgive him & says that this time he is apologizing from heart , this is not his conspiracy.

After leaving of Shamsher, Tilakraj asks Arjun to choose between his family & Aradhya.

But Aradhya says that Arjun you must listen to your heart, dont follow anyone.

After listening words of Aradhya, Arjun comes back to home. To see him, Bhanwari Devi & Shamsher get overwhelmed. Neglecting the hostility with Tilakraj, Bhanwari Devi initiates for Arjun & Aradhya’s marriage.

But will Arjun & Aradhya get married..? Will Munna & Tilakraj be succeed  in their nefarious intention of killing Bhanwari Devi.


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