Enlarged prostate can be the cause of Urination problems

Enlarged prostate can be the cause of Urination problems

Embarrassing today Dangerous tomorrow

Prostate Cancer on a rise of 2.5% in India1


_Agra, September, 2016: The prostate is a small walnut-sized gland and is a part of male reproductive system. It surrounds the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside.  As the prostate gland enlarges it tightens around the urethra, almost squeezing it like pinching a straw. This in turn may cause urinary symptoms. This condition is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.


Dr M.S Agarwal , MCH , Rainbow hospital & Dr Vijay Bora MCH, S.R hospital gives more information about BPH patients and says that  the incidence of BPH rises with aging. By 60 years of age, more than 50% of men develop BPH and by age of 85 years, nearly 90% of men will have BPH.

It is important to know that BPH is not prostate cancer. BPH does not become prostate cancer, even if it is left untreated. However, both BPH and prostate cancer may develop with age and coexist.


The symptoms of BPH which are often called lower urinary tract symptoms include:

The need to urinate more often than usual

The need to wake up at night to urinate

The sudden need to urinate and having trouble postponing it

Any involuntary loss of urine

A weak stream of urine

Splitting or spraying of the urine stream

The flow of urine starts and stops

Straining when urinating


These symptoms can be very bothersome and have a negative impact on social life, personal relationships and sex life.


Dr M.S Agarwal , MCH , Rainbow hospital, Agra commented that, “Details of your medical history, symptoms and few more simple tests can help in the diagnosis of BPH. The simple blood test to detect PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level, which is an enzyme secreted by prostate may help to distinguish between BPH and Prostate Cancer.”


Dr Vijay Bora MCH, S.R hospital, Agra also added “Some simple lifestyle changes can be very beneficial for the BPH patient. However, BPH if left untreated may lead to complications like urinary tract infections, kidney stones. It may so happen that patient becomes unable to pass the urine at all. This condition is known as acute urinary retention”


As the age advances, risk of developing prostate cancer also increases. 1.7 million cases over the globe, 2,88,000 cases in India, the sixth leading cause of cancer death amongst men worldwide, Prostrate Cancer- and easily preventable disease is on the rise even in India.Ranked as the second most common cancer, in Delhi, Trivandrum, Kolkata and Pune and third most common Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai prostate cancer is growing at the alarming rate of 2.5% in India, prostate health needs to be discussed openly in this prostate month of 2016.


Dr M.S Agarwal , MCH , Rainbow hospital, Agra said, “Prostrate cancer is just like breast cancer in women. All it needs is open discussions and awareness. An early detection and right treatment at the right time can completely help us promote good prostrate health.”


“The symptoms of various conditions linked to prostate are very prominent. No one can ignore them. It is only the male hesitancy about discussing prostrate health and ignorance and lack of awareness of good prostrate health that leads to complications and loss of lives.” Says Dr _ Dr Vijay Bora MCH, S.R hospital, Agra


Symptoms of prostate cancer include; frequent urination especially at night, a weak or an interrupted urinary stream, achieving or maintaining erection, blood in urine should not be neglected and needs immediate doctors attention. Moreover, a routine blood test of PSA levels can help in early detection of prostate cancer in a very early stage.  Age and family history should not be neglected either as these two are most influential risk factors for development of prostate cancer.


“Probing for family history helps in early detection and lifestyle modification can play a pivotal role in treating the cancer. “A good diet, a fit physic, healthy food etc can surely help you maintain a good prostate health. “ adds Dr M.S Agarwal , MCH , Rainbow hospital


Adding more on how to fight the cancer, Dr Vijay Bora MCH, S.R hospital, Agra says, “Awareness is the key, if you are aware of the problems and complications, prevention and treatment is much easier. Early detection is key to success and it’s easy for medical fraternity to offer curative therapy then.


Where life expectancy increased from 61.97 in 2001 to 65.48 in 2011, prostate cancer incidences grew by 1% every year which can be controlled and brought down drastically with right education.



Various treatment options like surgery, radiation therapy and medicines are recommended for the treatment of prostate cancer and the choice of therapy depends on stage of the disease.Whereas, BPH can be treated with medicines. However in case of complications surgery may be needed.

It is also very important for the patient to develop a extensive communication with the doctors and the patient’s. Discussion on various aspects of prostate cancer is also very essential. It is equally important that a doctor should counsel patient on early detection of prostate cancer.PSA screening and organising BPH camps may facilitate in early detection and should be encouraged.


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