Is Karan V Grover planning to stay back on the show?


Recently there was news of Karan V Grover quitting Life OK’s most popular show BahuHamariRajni_kant.This news did upset many of his fans who were in awe of his character, Shaan, and his chemistry with his creation, Rajni the robot. Fans took to social media expressing their sadness about him quitting the show to pursue movies. However there has been no official statement from the actor about his exit from the show.

Now the latest we hear is that the actor might stay back to continue to play Shaan for his fans and the talks are on with the producers to accommodate both, his act on television and his movie schedule which is to begin in November. The reason being, ever since there was news of Karan’s exit from the show, extensive auditions were on to find a replacement for his character. After striking off names such as Mohit Malik, Harshad Arora, Mohit Sehgal and many more, the search was still on for the perfect replacement to get into the skin of Shaan’s character. A source close to the development said, “The producers aren’t able to find a mad actor who can do justice to the role of Shaan and his chemistry with his humanoid creation, Rajni. Either the actors who auditioned are too serious or too dull for this character. Even Karan V Grover has become too attached to the Rajni_kant family and was feeling too low to leave it all behind especially when the show is doing so well. However he can’t even back out of the film as it’s a step ahead for him hence the talks are on to figure a middle path for the producers to accommodate his movie schedule and at the same time have him in the show as Shaan”.

So what will be the end result? Will Karan revoke his decision or the makers and the channel will ask him to continue playing Shaan? From what we hear, Karan’s fans are in for a treat.





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