Sandeep Anand goes blind


Sandeep Anand goes blind!

Many actors have had weird and scary experiences while shooting. Sandeep Anand, who is currently playing the lead in May I Come in Madam, will go blind for his upcoming hilarious track.

As always, Saajan’s character was in an attempt to impress his prepossessing boss. Now, Sandeep Anand who is playing a role of Saajan will get into another major trouble when he will take medicines to become thin but as universe is always against him, he will instead become blind.

From donning the look of maid of the house ‘Shaantabai’ to pregnant woman and going bald. Sandeep Anand has played various characters with ease and a touch of Saajan in all. Sandeep Anand has always astonished the audience with his impeccable acting skills.

When asked Sandeep Anand on the same he said, “I have to use white opaque contact lens that renders me totally blind. To remain with it for beyond half-an-hour is an ordeal and so I remove the lens if there is a break between the shots.”

“Now I know what it is to be visibly challenged and I empathize with their lot,” says Sandeep Anand


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