Meet the inhabitants of Naagistaan.

Meet the inhabitants of Naagistaan.


The inhabitants of Naagistaan are a bunch of interesting characters. Sony SAB’s IcchapyaariNaagin will give the viewers a peek into the lives of the Naags and Naagins. The show is set against the backdrop of Naagistaan and Earth where an icchadhaarinaagin named Iccha descends on earth to change the negative perception of her clan that has been portrayed across the world which is referred to as ‘InsaniBasti’ on the show. IcchapyaariNaagin is all set to bust myths about Icchadhaarinaags and naagins, as it will be revealed that the inhabitants of Naagistaan are peace loving and harmless creatures. They don’t believe in harming anyone unless provoked or threatened. IcchapyaariNaagin will premiere on the 27th September 2016, airing every Monday to Friday 8 pm only on Sony SAB.


The look and feel of Naagistaan is very positive with lots of trees and stone structures as a part of the set-up.  There are several milk waterfalls and rivers making their way through Naagistaan. Outfits influenced by the characteristics of snakes dominate the look of the people from Naagistaan. The history of the naags dates back several years ago and it is established that the community are descendants of Nagori Dev (a fictional god who is half man and snake) and Lord Shiva. Introducing to you the pivotal characters who are the inhabitants of Naagistaan.


Mukhya (AgastAnand)

He is the head of the clan. He is authoritative yet supports Iccha in her endeavor to change the perception of humans. A democratic leader, he has earned the respect and love of his fellow snakes.


Guruji (Hempushpak Arora)

The right hand of the Mukhya, the Guruji is the wisest man in Naagistan. His wisdom is so sound that even the Mukhya often pauses to check facts and solutions with him. A calm, dignified man he is quick with solutions and is a well-respected member of the clan.
Sheshu (Bharat Bhatia)

Iccha’s father Sheshu is a fun loving and doting father. He is known in Naagistan for constantly trying to experiment with his powers and coming up with new mantras to expand them. His experiments usually end up going wrong. His favourite guinea pig is his wife who Iccha’s mother.

Sipli (Anjali Gupta)

Sipli is Iccha’s mother, a loving mother who is always concerned for Iccha’s well-being. Like every mother she keeps worrying about Iccha’s trip to earth and prays for her safety.


To know more tune into IcchapyaariNaagin from 27th September, Monday – Friday 8pm only on SAB TV!!

Atul  Malikram



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